Jacob Shaw

What is a White Card?

Written by Jacob Shaw

A White Card is a license required to enter and work on construction sites in Australia. The White Card is also known as general construction induction card. It is an essential license for anyone looking to work in the construction industry.

While each state and territory in Australia issues its own White Card, they are nationally recognised and can be used anywhere in Australia, regardless of the state or territory in which you completed the construction induction training.

Previously the White Card has been known as Blue Card, Red Card or Green Card depending on your state or territory.

Ryan Senn

White Card identification

Written by Ryan Senn

When completing construction induction training (CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry) to be issued a White Card, you will need to bring identification to the course. The registered training organisation (RTO) you are completing the training with needs to make sure that you are who you say you are.

The required identification documents that you must bring to the course vary by state and territory.

Ryan Senn

White Card online - What changed?

Written by Ryan Senn

There is a lot of confusion around online White Cards. This article will put the facts first and explain why there is mixed information on online White Cards. For the basics, see what is a White Card?

Quick summary: Online White Cards are only available to residents of Western Australia and Tasmania as of 2022. Residents of other states must complete the training face-to-face.

Ryan Senn

White Card PPE

Written by Ryan Senn

When completing your construction induction training (White Card course), you will be taught how to correctly fit and wear the following 4 pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • hard hat
  • hearing protection
  • eye protection
  • high visibility clothing

If you reside in WA or TAS and decide to complete your White Card training online, you will be required to own or buy those 4 pieces of PPE in order to complete the training.

Ryan Senn

White Card & First Aid course for international students

Written by Ryan Senn

Until recently, finding training providers that offer the White Card & First Aid course to overseas students on international student visas has been a challenge.

The courses, which often only take half a day to complete, required training organisations to be CRICOS registered, a special approval that is mainly given to large international universities and colleges.

As of July 19th 2021, this requirement has changed for a number of VET unit of competencies (often called short courses), with courses such as First Aid and White Card added to an exemption list. As a result, Tradie Training can now deliver those courses to international students.